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Wondering why the seeds you plant are not growing properly? You may want to try our aeration service. This procedure includes plug aeration(2 to 3 inch deep holes). Proper plug aeration allows oxygen to get into the soil so seeds are planted better and grow healthier.


Aeration is very important for a healthy lawn. Once we're done aerating your lawn, we place straw over the seeding so that it grows better. Trust only the professionals at Complete Yard Care for aeration services in Murfreesboro, TN.

Professional Aeration Service for a Better Yard

Enhance the overall look of your yard

A few protocols need to be followed if you want a beautiful lawn. We use a fescue seed that is tested to thrive in the middle TN climate. Additionally, you need to mow your lawn regularly with a sharpened blade.


Fescue grass stays green and fresh all year-round. If you keep it thick, it doesn't turn brown even in summer. Keep your grass thick by seeding it every year.


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Enjoy Healthy Lawns With Our Aeration Service

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