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Turf Maintenance

•   Trimming, weeding, cleaning up flower beds

•   Edging

•   Blowing off the entire parking lot

•   Keep the debris clean

•   Trimming bushes

•   Keeping the fence row sprayed

•   Pressure washing if needed

•   Clean-ups

•   Leaves out of the gutter

•   Planting seasonal flowers can also be part of these contracts


We're your preferred service provider in Murfreesboro, TN.


You spend the entire week working and it's not fair if you're caught up with yard maintenance work during the weekend — the only time you get to relax. Take advantage of our scheduled maintenance services, where we do all the work for you.


While our schedule maintenance contracts cover almost everything, we charge a little extra for snow care since it's hard to predict snowfalls. In fact, everything foreseeable is covered in the contract, including 24/7 emergency services.

Don't Waste Your Weekends Maintaining Your Yard

Year-long maintenance contracts from Complete Yard Care

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